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First Place Award

Welcome to Clive's Fruit Farm

Nestling between the Malvern Hills to the West and the River Severn to the East, Clive's Fruit Farm is a successful family business which was first founded in 1917 

Charlie's father, Felix, fought at Pegasus Bridge during WWII and returned to this country with new ideas from the Continent. He was a pioneer of Pick Your Own in the 1960's and the innovation is still very much evident today.

The farm shop is open all year round. Ready picked fruits and vegetables are available straight from our farm fresh or frozen. When in season we always have a selection of varieties of freshly picked strawberries, raspberries and other soft fruits with samples so you can try before you buy. When our own fruits and vegetables are out of season our policy is to buy as locally as possible and as fresh as possible to give a traceable fresh product of excellent quality.


Half-term fun on the farm!



£5.00 each (to include carving supervision, medium sized pumpkin to take away and free apple juice) 





awards 4.jpg

We are really pleased to announce that we on both our categories yesterday -

'Best Food Producer' and 'Best Visitor Attraction'!!




 PYO Apples 

We are now picking Cox, Bramley and Jonagored Apples from the Orchards

Ready Picked Apples 

Red Windsor, Kidd's Orange, Spartan, Gala, Howgate Wonders, Egremont and Hereford Russet, and Cox and Bramley are all available in the large bins outside the shop


PYO Pears

Conference, Comice and Concorde available to pick from the orchards

Ready Picked Pears

Conference, Comice and Concorde available  in the large fruit bins outside the shop


Contract pressing service now open again for 2016