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Exciting job opportunity! 


 We are looking for a  


 Butcher's Apprentice  


 please contact Jane or Rich for more information

The Butchery department is open from Wednesday - Sunday.

On Mondays & Tuesdays the meat will be available pre packed in our display cabinet.  

If you are wishing to collect a special order on a Monday or Tuesday please arrange this with the Butchery department beforehand and we will ensure this is ready for collection.


A bi-product of juice production is the pomace. This is the dried pulp left after pressing. We wanted a way of making the juice production zero waste. The pomace makes great animal feed so we decided to keep a few pigs. So as of 2010 we opened our own butchery in order to offer sausages and other pork products from the pigs.

We source the finest meat from local suppliers with a particular focus on seasonality (Spring lamb, Hogget, game etc..) Our butcher is always available to talk about your meat needs and are able to cut or prepare any meat. He cures his own bacon and is always coming up with new ideas and makes all sausages, burgers, faggots and scotch eggs in house. Our famous BBQ packs are very popular in the summer as well as our selection of Christmas poultry.