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Christmas Poultry 2016

Orders Now Being Taken!



Kelly BRONZE AND WHITE Barn Reared

The Kelly is a slow growing bird that retains all the original flavour of turkey when fed and processed in the traditional way, considered the ultimate Christmas turkey

 £11.22- £14.41 per Kg


Barn Reared White Fed on a cereal based diet, housed in buildings with plenty of space, ventilation and light and bedded on comfortable straw

 £8.25 - £9.25 per kg


Free Range Geese

 Hatched in the Spring and grazed over the meadows A traditional Christmas Bird

 4 – 7 kg £12.50 per kg



Grown slowly to reach enormous weights for the festive table.  Highly acclaimed by those who look to cook something different, and saving the fat will transform your roast potatoes!

 2 – 4 kg £11.50 per kg



 Tastes as chicken should taste! Slowly reared which allows the birds to lay down fat that adds to the flavour and succulence when cooking. Can reach a whopping 7kg!

2 – 6 kg £8.50 per kg