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01684 592664

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Pick Your Own

At Clive’s we pride ourselves on our PYO set up. We have strived over the years to make it easier for the general public by developing and enhancing current growing and picking systems. The poly tunnels are located next to the farm between the farmyard and the old Upton-Malvern railway line. We can usually meet all your soft and top fruit needs, a quick phone or email and we can help. If you are visiting as part of a group it is best to ring in advance to check availability.

PYO Hotline - 01684 592664 - Option 2


 PYO Apples 

We are now picking Cox, Bramley and Jonagored Apples from the Orchards


Ready Picked Apples

Red Windsor, Kidd's Orange, Spartan, Gala, Howgate Wonders, Egremont and Hereford Russet, and Cox and Bramley are all available in the large bins outside the shop

PYO Pears

Conference, Comice and Concorde available to pick from the orchards


Ready Picked Pears

Conference, Comice and Concorde available  in the large fruit bins outside the shop


 Contract pressing service now open again for 2016