we have lots of delicious Plums (including victorias) raspberries, strawberries & discovery apples available in OUR PYO fields and a limited amount of strawberries.

PYO Hotline - 01684 592664 - Option 2

We are not always able to answer the phone so please check social media as well as calling PYO hotline before making any special journeys as we may have to periodically close the fields

Pick your own

This year we have been forced to implement an admission fee into our PYO fields of £1 per person (under 2's are free).
This is due to the drastic increase in food production costs, which to name a few includes the plants, punnets, fertilizer, labour for maintaining & weeding etc. In brief without charging an admission fee our PYO is not sustainable and we thank you for your understanding in this.
No booking required

At Clive’s, we pride ourselves on our P.Y.O set up. We have strived over the years to make it easier for the general public by developing and enhancing current growing and picking systems. The poly tunnels are located next to the farm between the farmyard and the old Upton-Malvern railway line. We can usually meet all your soft and top fruit needs, a quick phone or email and we can help. If you are visiting as part of a group it is best to ring in advance to check availability.


Our first fruit of the year is strawberries . We grow Elsantas using a table-top system in polytunnels. This makes it easier for the public as there is no bending down and come rain or shine you can still pick in the dry. We aim to stagger our crop from June to August so you can pick throughout the hotter months.

Strawberries were first grown on the farm in the 1960s when Mr Felix Clive became a pioneer of PYO. Since then we have gone from the traditional ground-grown plants with straw to the more modern table-top and state of the art irrigation system. We pick our fruit for the farm shop and can usually accommodate bulk orders for special events.

All our Strawberries are grown in “Table top troughs” filled with Peat, which means you can pick without bending down!!

Strawberries and raspberries are all grown in tunnels, so should the weather turn inclement you and your pickings can remain dry


Available in the Autumn.
Get in to the feel of autumn and pick your own Pumpkin today (or ready picked in our Farm Shop

  • ​£2 pp admission charge (+ charge for the Pumpkin)
  • ​Field open 10am – 4pm
  • ​Tuesday – Saturday ~ Last  admission 3.30pm
  • Sunday ~ Last admission 2.30pm
  • ​Wellies are highly recommended


Again grown in polytunnels, we grow raspberries in pots on long canes. We have Glen Ample, Glen Fyne and Tullameen varieties. We aim for these to be ready by late June and continue until August. We aim to plant more raspberries in a new patch for PYO and in order to have enough raspberries to blend with our apple juice.

CHERRIES now finished for the season

Beautiful cherries from our cherry tree orchards .  We have many different varieties of cherries growing which include Kordia, Sunburst, Stella, Skeena, Regina, Merchant & Penny.



The heart and soul of the Worcestershire fruit industry used to be plums, at Clive’s we strive to maintain this. As other growers grub up plums we endeavour to plant more and new varieties.

Our plum season runs from July through to September. We grow: Victoria, Heron, Swan, Opal, Valor, Jubilee, Jubilee, Monarch, Edda, Herman, Blue Tit, Jojo, Seneca, Haganta, Yellow Egg, Burbank, Prolific, Purple Pershore and Damsons. We have just planted some newer varieties including Ferbleur and Meritare.


The apple harvest begins in mid-August with Discovery. PYO apples then carry on until October.

As of 2014 we grow the following: Discovery, Worcester, Egremont Russet, Herefordshire Russet, Red Windsor, Cox, Queen Cox, Vistabella, Royal Gala, Gala Must, Howgate Wonder, Bramley, Scrumptious, Katy, Spartan, Crispin, Jonagored, Ida Red, Falstaff, Braeburn, Honeycrisp, Pinova, Ashmead’s Kernel, Kidd’s Orange Red, Pink Lady, Jonathan, Golden Delicious and Grenadier.

Most of the above are available for PYO but all are available at some stage in the autumn and winter months in the shop


The last fruit in the PYO calendar, the pears, are available to pick Sept-Oct and in the shop until the new year. The main varieties grown are Conference, Comice and Concorde. The lesser known and lesser grown are William Pears (the first pear of the season), Beurre Hardy, Emile d’Heyst, Durondeau, Invincible, Celebration and Sensation.

If you fancy planting your own trees please check out our friends at Tenbury Wells. They will be able to help you will all your tree needs. 


Please be advised that we may have to close the PYO fields at short notice, as we are unable to control both the demand and the weather, however we will keep the website, PYO hotline and all forms of social media updated, so we advise you check before you make your journey.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot offer this as a fun filled day out for all the family, however we do not want our customers to miss out on the delicious fruit that we have worked so hard to produce throughout the year. 

Therefore, it is our aim to create the safest possible environment within the field for our wonderful customers, and also for our amazing staff. To do this we have implemented a set of rules and procedures to ensure health and safety is at its absolute highest:

1. There is no need to book, we will have a maximum number of people in the field at one time, this number will depend on how many tunnels we have open on the day. This will be closely monitored by our staff, so please be aware there may be a short wait during peak periods.

2. We will only be allowing 6 people per household in the field at one time.

3. A one-way system will be implemented around the field.

4. We will expect all customers to respect other pickers and are responsible for observing social distancing rules staying 2m away.

5. We ask that no one eats the fruit until it has been thoroughly washed at home.

6. If you are exhibiting any Covid-19 symptoms kindly refrain from entering the premises.

7. No dogs allowed in the PYO fields

It may become necessary to introduce a entrance fee during busy weekend due to extra staffing.

These rules have not been put in place to diminish any fun but to keep everyone as safe as possible, if anybody is not adhering to the rules under the circumstances they will be asked to leave.

We thank you for your cooperation and hope your enjoy your PYO!